Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year Attitude

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Usually every end of the year, we all make our resolutions and our decisions to help better ourselves and become happier with our lives. We develop a more positive attitude about our futures and all the terrific outcomes that can come if we actually go through with our resolutions--which, from personal experiences, doesn't always work out.

What I've noticed lately is that a lot of people I know have been really negative about the upcoming new year. They make fun of those who say "New year, new me," and call BS. Personally, I don't understand all the negativity shot at those who actually want to make a change for themselves and others around them. First off, it's unnecessary. Let them do what they want. Second off, it's hurtful and can dim down confidence. When I heard my own friends say it, I was offended for myself and for others and I almost decided to not make a change for myself but maybe wait a little while. Now, while writing this, a change at the beginning of the new year is the perfect place to start. 

Change is usually a good thing, but it can be scary. It's hard to adjust to new circumstances when you've been used to the same situations for maybe even a lifetime. But, for the most part, it's totally worth it. Making yourself and others around you happy is the ultimate beneficial change you can commit to and it will shine so much light on your perspective of just about anything. What's so bad about that? 

Unfortunately, there are more things that will make it harder for change than easier. It's hard to try to start eating healthier with more vegetables and fruits when you either can't afford the groceries or your family just plain hates vegetables. It's hard to try to lose weight when you can't stop yourself from eating all of those peanut butter M&M's. And it's hard to be happy when it seems like the whole world prefers you unhappy. No one deserves these hardships, but no matter what the circumstances, they're going to be thrown at you. And truthfully, to be cliche, they make you less susceptible to the hardships you'll no doubt face in the future. 

So as the new year draws in, go ahead and set that standard for yourself and become the person you want to be. Don't worry about what others say about it, and if they call BS on you--well, just know you're better than that. Learn to love yourself this new year and help yourself be truly happy with your life and your person. 

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  1. Chelsea, you are wise beyond your years. I am so proud of you! (((Hug)))