Monday, December 2, 2013

First Day on the Job

So, this is my first day on the job. Truthfully, I don't have a clue as to how I should start this! I think maybe explaining my blog title should work just fine, eh?

I'm pretty sure most people believe that there's always something missing from their life. Maybe a relationship, a steady job, or just pure happiness. Surely, there's a key that fits all those messy and intricate locks in life, right? Could it be that we all have to reach a certain, for lack of better term, nirvana in order to become completely satisfied with our situation in life? Or is the human race ever truly satisfied? I say yea! I know for a close enough fact that there is a key to all those locks and it's inner peace and acceptance. 

Now, I know that most people who will even read this will hardly agree with me. Let's face it, though: we all have different types of "inner peaces" and such. We feel happier in different places and around different people. We're comforted by different types of music and different types of moods. But we all have a connection with each other and that's that wanting of love and acceptance. 

Today, the Enlightenment Fest began. Sounds corny, right? In a way, it kind of is. But it really got me thinking. Unfortunately, instead of keeping my thoughts on what the speaker was advising, my mind kept wandering to my aspirations--meditating daily, practicing yoga, actually keeping the house clean, breaking out of my shell. As I should probably explain, the Enlightenment Fest is a set of eight sessions that helps you with all sorts of things. Today, the session was "Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment." To be completely honest, I only listened to the introduction audio. But think about how just an introductory audio can inspire to accomplish goals, no matter how minute! Have no worries, I will be waking up very early in the morning to meditate to these sessions. If you've never meditated before, or you think it's a total joke, let me tell you something.

Meditating has been a practice that, although I do not do it routinely, has helped me tremendously, even if just for a day! When I first began well over a year ago, I started by forgiving those who have hurt me in the past and forgiving myself for hurting those around me. It helped me gain a more positive attitude towards life and my surroundings and taught me to be more understanding. I think that's a problem we all face--understanding people and their situations. Meditating is great for lowering stress levels, focusing on goals, and helping you reach those aspirations and dreams. 

Now, I'm afraid it's too late for any of you to obtain these Enlightenment sessions for free like I can--I subscribed over a year ago and have been getting free sessions since. But if you subscribe (I'll post the link at the bottom of the page) or you wish to buy it, go right ahead. It's something that will help all ages and all races and types and whatever freakish stereotype you can possibly think of. 

But like I was saying, there's a key to all those locks in your life. My hope for this blog is to help others become inspired to accomplish their goals, short and long-term. I want everyone to be happy with themselves and more accepting of others--I'm working on that myself, and it's not as easy as it sounds. I do apologize for this rather bland post... I'm hoping to make this blog a real treat for myself and others!

Surprise! You can receive these lessons for free, but only for a limited time!! Jump in the fire, my friends... don't get burned?!? 


  1. I didn't know that you had a part time job. The economy is pretty rough these days... I'll help you out by clicking on the link.... or do I have to actually subscribe?

    1. Hahaha, if you count blogging has a part-time job. I posted the link so that people could enjoy this fest. Do as you desire

  2. Is this some lame company set-up blog to promote a website? -concerned blogger

    1. Gracious no. Do I really sound like someone who has a job at a company that sets up blogs? I'm doing this because it's the next best thing to writing the novel I've been struggling with for a couple years. I only posted the link so people could also enjoy the website.